Evolution IBE 3.0

Sell travel online with us and increase your conversion rate

Whether PC, smartphone or tablet - more and more customers are booking their vacations online.
You want to be part of this trend? Then simply integrate our Evolution IBE 3.0 into your individual website and get started with us. Benefit from maximum usability, fast loading times and numerous filter options.

The highlights at a glance:

Mobile First is the motto:

Optimize your website for any type of device.

User experience is the be-all and end-all:

Generate bookings quickly and easily

Fast technology for determined customers:

Increase your conversion rate with fast loading times

All-in-one - everything from a single source:

Whether package, hotel or flight - you offer everything according to individual wishes

PRR conformity - always on the safe side:

Necessary forms are displayed in the right place, legally required information is displayed in an uncomplicated manner.

Sticky Search - the most important parameters are always in view:

Even when scrolling, the search mask remains at the top of the screen.

Recommendation Engine thinks for itself:

If your customer does not find an offer for his search, he simply receives a suitable alternative.

Hotel ratings - orientation in the large variety of offers:

Guest feedback from HolidayCheck makes the booking decision even easier

Google Tag Manager for the best possible overview:

With the integration of your own Google Manager, you can record analyses of your website like a pro

Manage bookings for the ideal overview:

With our CosmoNaut consulting and booking system, you can manage your reservations easily

Color customization - everything according to your taste:

You choose the color for your layout to match your company or travel agency.

Additional services from A to Z:

Whether rental car, transfer or insurance - your customer gets all this from you from a single source.

Secure processing as it should be:

PCI certification ensures a secure connection for payments

Technical possibilities:

Quicksearch - Find what you are looking for even faster

With our Quicksearch function, you provide visitors easy access to your website. Quickseach contains important filters to help you find the right offer faster. It can be placed anywhere - in most cases on the start page. The most popular filter options include destination, departure airport, travel period and travel duration. The optimal jump into your IBE!

XML Feed - The best offer at a glance:

With XML feeds you create dynamically generated offers. They include data such as hotels from the operator with the associated details. Every update automatically creates updated offers - so everything is always up to date. If you place the XML feeds on your homepage, you can highlight particularly attractive offers and tease visitors to your website.

These are our exclusive add-ons for you:

Maximum performance through innovative technology:

The Single Page Application is a web application based on just a single HTML page. Dynamic content loads without long loading times.

Professional integration

Content from different websites can be formed into one - as a user, you also contribute individual components. They can be saved on a separate website. Thus you bundle and control everything on one platform.

Convince yourself of the split-second access to more than 200 billion travel offers from all classic tour operators including the dynamic X-operators.