NEW: Our Easy TBM makes your life easier!

WE MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER WITH THE EASY TBM In addition to the familiar professional interface of our Cosmonaut, you now also have the option of choosing another mask. The Easy TBM is completely free of cryptic codes and airport abbreviations, which is a real advantage in times of staff and new starter shortages. It allows newcomers to be trained and ready to sell a lot faster. Are you a fan of the ‘old school’? Then you can of course still use the classic TBM in the future!
How do I access the Easy TBM? In Cosmonaut, simply click on ‘My Cosmonaut’, here you can select the Easy TBM view via your settings. Simply follow steps 1, 2 and 3!
What exactly is new? The tour operator names and actions (booking, cancellation, etc.) are displayed in Easy TBM and can be selected via dropdown. The trip type can also be read in text form. In the service lines, instead of the usual codes, you will also find the arrival and departure airports, hotel names, room types and boarding information written as a text. An additional advantage is the built-in calendar in the arrival and departure field as well as a picture of the selected hotel with a short description.
For everyone else, please try it out! Also please note that the current version is the beta version of Easy TBM. We are continuously developing it further and therefore welcome your input to make it even better for you in the future. We look forward to your feedback Register for our free english speaking Cosmonaut Webinar here:
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