Interview: Salesforce & traffics CEO Salim Sahi

Unlocking Potentials – How to Set Your Sails for Future Growth

Featured Speakers:

Salim Sahi, CEO, Traffics

Constantin Bohn, Regional Sales Director, Salesforce

David Bergfeld, Account Executive, Salesforce

One thing is for sure: this year has challenged businesses of all sizes in many ways but also brought a reminder for all us.

The way we work has drastically changed and let’s face it: it’s never been a more important time to reflect on your business’s strategy, customer experience and your technology stack to set your sails for future growth.

How focusing on your customer can help your business to win market share and drive success
First-Hand from our trailblazer how they are navigating the digital acceleration
Which steps you can take today to future-proof your business

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